Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Team CancerCare allows you to create your own fundraiser to build awareness of and help support the free, vital professional services CancerCare provides to anyone facing a cancer diagnosis.You'll find answers to your frequently asked questions here. Got a question that's not listed? Contact us directly at teamcc@cancercare.org.


How do I register for Team CancerCare?
You can register online. Once you've registered for Team CancerCare, you will receive an email confirmation, including your username and password, to access your personal Team CancerCare page online.
Is there a registration fee?
No, there is no registration fee. Creating your own Team CancerCare fundraiser is free and easy.
Can individuals sign up as a team?
You can create a Team CancerCare fundraiser on behalf of a club, organization or group, but you must first register as a single member. By creating a team of friends, family and coworkers, each team member can create their own personal page, share their story, upload pictures and fundraise individually as part of the greater team. You will also have a team page where you can monitor the success of your team as a whole.

Raising Funds

How do I raise the money?
Raising money is easier than you think. Remember, your commitment is inspiring! In asking for contributions you are allowing others to make a difference in the lives of people facing cancer. Team CancerCare provides your supporters with a safe, secure and easy way of making online donations by credit card instantly. For more specific fundraising tips, see Fundraising Resources.
How does CancerCare know that a donation is for my fundraiser?
Online credit card payments are the quickest and easiest way to ensure your supporters' contributions will be credited to your fundraiser. Contributors can search for your name and donate directly to your personal Team CancerCare fundraising page.
What if a supporter doesn't want to make a contribution online?
You can also accept donations by check and cash. See specific instructions below on how to handle and submit donations you receive directly.

Submitting Funds

To whom should donations made by check be made?
Please make all checks payable to CancerCare.
Can my supporters mail in donations to my fundraiser directly to CancerCare?
Yes, they can mail in their contributions by check or credit card accompanied by the appropriate CancerCare donation form. For contributions by check, be sure to have your supporters write on the check which Team CancerCare fundraiser the donation is supporting. In addition, we advise that your supporters accompany any direct donation they make to CancerCareon behalf of your fundraiser to fill out and include a donation form with their donation. Please mail donations by check to:

CancerCare National Office
Attn: Team CancerCare
275 Seventh Ave., 22nd Fl.
New York, NY 10001

How should I handle cash donations?
DO NOT mail cash. All cash donations must be transferred to a cashier's check and submitted with a completed donation form for each individual who makes a cash donation to your fundraiser. Fill out the donation form with the contributor's contact information, donation amount and the name of your Team CancerCare fundraiser. Send both the cashier's check and the donation form to CancerCare.
How does CancerCare determine that a donation is for my fundraiser?
To ensure that a donation made on behalf of your Team CancerCare fundraiser is credited to you, provide all of your supporters making offline donations with a CancerCare donation form to accompany their donation. You can download and print out a donation form directly from our website.
How long does it take for my donations sent through the mail to show up on my Team CancerCare page?
Donations directly received offline by CancerCare in support of your fundraiser will be added to your Team CancerCare page approximately 3-5 business days after our receipt.
How soon after the event must I submit any offline donations made to me directly for my fundraiser?
CancerCare must receive any offline contributions within 60 days of the completion of your fundraiser. Mailed donations must include your event name as it appears on your Team CancerCare page on both the check and donation form to ensure they are properly credited to you. A donation form is also required for any credit card payment(s) made offline. You can download and print the donation form here. Do NOT mail cash. See the FAQ, "How do I handle cash donations?" for further instructions.
How are my contributors acknowledged?
CancerCare will send an acknowledgement for tax purposes to anyone who donates $5 or more to your Team CancerCare fundraiser. We also recommend that you send your own personal thank you to your supporters. When you log on to your Team CancerCare page, you will be able to see your list of donors who have contributed.
My company has a Matching Gift Program. Can it match the donations I raise for my Team CancerCare fundraiser?
Yes, Team CancerCare accepts matching contributions from employers. Consult with your Human Resources Department and ask for a Matching Gift Form. Did you know? Many companies will match gifts from retired employees, too! Complete the form and send to the following address:

CancerCare National Office
Attn: Team CancerCare
275 Seventh Ave., 22nd Fl.
New York, NY 10001

Can my supporters claim a tax deduction on their donations, in-kind gifts or sponsorships of my Team CancerCare fundraiser?
As a general rule, monetary contributions through your Team CancerCare fundraising page are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Please note that in-kind contributions, as well as contributions made payable to you, are NOT tax deductible.
Can I accept contributions personally and then write CancerCare one check from my personal account?
You can, but we don't recommend it. Donations you deposit into your personal account are considered taxable income by the IRS. And, because the check you write to CancerCare is from your account, we will not be able to acknowledge your donors or provide them with tax receipts for their gifts.
What if a check is made out to me, not to CancerCare?
You should encourage all supporters to write checks directly payable to CancerCare. CancerCare cannot accept doubly endorsed checks (that is, any check made payable to you that you then sign over to CancerCare).
Can I be reimbursed for my fundraising expenses?
CancerCare cannot reimburse you for your fundraising expenses. Keep your expenses down by seeking in-kind donations from local businesses such as printing, refreshments and equipment in exchange for advertising on your flyers, brochures, letters, t-shirts and other promotional materials. Because in-kind donations to your event do not directly benefit CancerCare, we cannot provide tax receipts for these contributions.
Can CancerCare provide materials such as brochures, donation forms and signage for my event?
CancerCare can provide you with an array of free publications to distribute at your event. Visit our Reading Room to order (free shipping included; allow 2-4 weeks for delivery). Publications and donation forms are also available for download from our website. CancerCare cannot provide signage or any other marketing materials for your event.
Can a CancerCare representative make an appearance at my event?
Depending on the availability of CancerCare staff, we will consider your request on a case-by-case basis.If you would like a CancerCare representative to make an appearance at your event, please contact us via email at teamcc@cancercare.org.
Can I use the CancerCare logo on my fundraising materials?
Our special Team CancerCare logo is specifically designed for our individual fundraisers to achieve a cohesive, professional look for their letters, flyers, event programs and other event materials. Visit the Fundraising Resources page to download the Team CancerCare logo in vector and JPG formats along with the Logo Usage Guide. Federal trademark law prohibits any Team CancerCare fundraiser from using the regular CancerCare logo on any third-party promotional or event materials without the expressed permission of CancerCare. Contact info@cancercare.org for specific requests.