Welcome to CancerCare®'s
Longest Day of Golf

The Longest Day of Golf gives our most dedicated lovers of the sport the opportunity to test their limits and raise substantial funds and awareness for CancerCare, while giving them bragging rights for completing a golf marathon like no other. Participants are offered a list of private golf courses to play, along with available dates.

Having raised over $2 million since 1994, CancerCare’s Longest Day of Golf has been a unique event that brings golfers together to compete against each other to complete as many holes as possible in one full day. Most golfers play 100 holes or more!

2016 Longest Day of Golf Dates & Courses

Connecticut Golf Cub

The Stanwich Club

Redding Country Club

The Patterson Club

Silvermine Golf Club

Rolling Hills Country Club

Shorehaven Golf Club



For information about joining the Longest Day of Golf, please contact Corey Cenatiempo, regional manager of special events, at ccenatiempo@cancercare.org or 203.663.2189.